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CC-Webinar.Live // Wholesale Industry in the Digital Age. New Business Models around Cloud for Service Providers - sponsored by Telefónica Global Solutions
- How Digital Transformation impact traditional carrier business models
- Challenges and opportunities emerging from data hungry products and services
- New Business strategies + models
- How new technologies reshape the products & services
- How 5G will change wholesale landscape and our life both positively and negatively?
- How companies prepare themselves for the digital age (new structures + Cultures)
- How AI impact wholesale fixed data and capacity business models?
- Elasticity of the Cloud & improving business strategies.
- Internet of Things Plan (IoT) and the new reality and opportunities that open for telecom industry
- Surveillance, Security and personal data privacy: new challenges

Time: 11:00 CET (14:00 GST)

Moderator: Erik van Stokkom, Ambassador at CC & CCO at GTC
Panellists: coming soon
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